Do I HAVE to use a wet saw to cut porcelain kitchen tiles?


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Do I HAVE to use a wet saw to cut porcelain kitchen tiles?

I have a Craftsman table saw and would like to use that if possible (instead of renting a wet saw). If this is indeed possible, what blade would you recommend?
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You dont want to use a table saw for any type of tile. Could it be done, probably but the dust that will be generated from dry cutting will be horible.

Porcelain tiles are also a little harder to cut and prone to chipping so wet cutting is highly recommended.

You can pick up an inexpensive wet tile for $75, even cheaper if you look on CL.
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If they are thin 1/4" wall tile you can use a manual cutter (score and snap) cutting table. It will do most of what you need... however you can't cut thin slivers with it or inside corners with it. A hand grinder can be used in a pinch, but a small portable wet saw would be better for those types of cuts.

But Marq is right on target... a cheap wet saw is invaluable and doesn't add that much $ to the job. A harbor freight saw would even work. The quality and precision of your cuts will usually be much better.

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