Floor Height Measuring


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Floor Height Measuring

So I' m remodeling the main bathroom and have come to tile portion. I have to raise the bathroom floor 3/4 of inch to butt the tile up to the 3/4 hardwood in the hallway. I was thinking I could use the 1/8 ditra and a 1/4 trough to set the ditra and then put a 1/4 inch mud on the ditra to set my 12x12 mosic tiles which are 4mm. Am I wrong in adding all the figures to get to 3/4 of an inch or somewhat close to 3/4. I just dont want to set the ditra and find out that I should have added another sheet of underlayment to get the floor up more. Or should I just get another sheet of underlayment to raise the floor then ditra? Any help would be appreciated before I waste very expensive ditra. Thank You. BTW Thank You for this forum. I have used it quite a bit during the remodel.

1/4 Mud under ditra
1/8 Ditra
1/4 Mud on top on ditra
4mm tile
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Your thinset won't end up being the size of the notch in the trowel. So, if you are using a 1/4" notch trowel that won't end up being a 1/4" thick layer as the thinset will squish during installation. I generally think of the thinset as ending up being 50-75% the notch size/thickness. The best way to be certain is to use materials of a known thickness like going to a thicker Ditra sheet or by choosing a thinner or thicker tile.
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Added 1/4 OSB

Thanks Dane! I went ahead a added 1/4 OSB sheathing over the existing 3/4 OSB. I glued and nailed 1/4 down to 3/4 Thanks again I appreciate you taking time to answer

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