Ditra install questions


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Ditra install questions

I installed the Ditra uncoupling membrane over plywood and wondering if I should redo it. I mixed Mapei porcelain tile modified mortar so it very slowly dripped off the trowel. After applying mortar to the plywood, the coverage on the back of the Ditra membrane was 80-90%. I think I should have added more water to the mortar and reapplied it so it was more watery and better penetration into the Ditra backing. I didn't do that and pressed the Ditra back into the mortar and let dry for a few days.

I tried pulling the Ditra up from a corner and it peels off but takes some effort. I called Schluter and their field rep said that even done perfectly, the Ditra can be peeled off. I described what I did and he thought it should be fine as long as I can't pull any of the Ditra squares straight up, which I can't. I don't won't to redo if unnecessary but thought I would check to make sure before proceeding with laying the tile. Thank you.
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I installed Prova membrane and similar, it could be pulled off in a shear direction but in tension it would not budge!
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There is no real life stress that mimics peeling a corner. By your description, I think you're good.


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