Getting back splash tile flat


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Getting back splash tile flat

I am getting ready to put subway tile in one section of our kitchen. I took a long time patching the wall up and smoothing it after removing the old tile. There are a few high spots that I probably need to knock down and it痴 definitely not as smoosh as a new wall would be.

I know the mortar will account for some of this but I still have a dumb question. I have watched just about every video but nobody really discussed getting the tiles to all lay flat in the same plane so they are even. For example, if push the left edge of a subway tile down harder than the right I am assuming it will sit a little deeper into the wall. How do people ensure the tile is nice and flat when they put subway tile up? I purchased a high quality level to use as a straight edge. This is my first tile project so I知 trying to think through everything before I take a whack. Thanks!
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I use several straight edges of different sizes. They can be anything like a level or a flat board. I set the tile on the wall then lightly press with the straight edge/board to get the face of all the tiles nice and flat.
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Perfect, thx. I値l post pictures if I don稚 screw everything up.
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When you install tile you use a serrated trowel to put the mortar onto the wall.

When you install the tile there is only so much "squish" that you can accomplish so the tiles are pretty much flat to the wall.

I have never used a level or any kind of straight edge for wall or floor tile.

Is one of those over thinking questions!
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End product is highly dependent on how you prep the walls to begin with. The thickness of the trowel will only account for so much. I use a v-notched trowel on my wall projects which leaves almost nothing for adjustment. Use a long straight edge (6') to see how flat the wall is. If out more than a little,you need to make adjustments. Either remove the drywall and shim, or float to contain the abnormality in the wall. Prep is the key, fix it now, not after you start laying tile.
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Yes, you may push one side in too far. When it happens you can use a straight trowel to either remove the tile completely (and butter the back before reinstalling) of use the trowel to raise the tile so it’s co-planar with adjacent tile.
As for wall prep - either knock down high points or use thinset to skim the wall at least a day before you begin to tile.
if the subway tile has a slightly beveled edge, tiles that are not co-planar will be a little less noticeable. And larger grout joints are more forgiving of this issue (though there are lots of good reasons to keep grout joints narrow).
Good luck and have fun!
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Here is said wall. I知 gonna remove the two outlets so I can do this right. They keep getting in the way. Once I have those wires tucked away I can get everything cleaned up. Everything was pretty darn close when I used my straight edge葉here are just a few areas under and around the outlets that I mucked up.

I知 using 16th inch spacers and probably a dark grout line so I値l take whatever time I need I guess. I致e already been 電ragging this out far too long according to my wife, so what痴 a few more months
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