where to start-bathroom floor tiles are grumbling

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My bathroom floor is starting to break apart and warp underneath. The floor is 30 years+ and I don't have the money for a full bathroom remodel but I'd like to do it little by little. My floor has two areas, about 8 inches square, that the grout has crumbles on and need to be fixed but I see it starting to crumble all over and think a new floor is the way to go. I want to do it myself to say money but don't know where to start. I know we need to rip up the floor because of the warping but I'm wondering what other aspects of the remodeling should be done at the same time. Do I take out the vanity and toilet, replace the floor and install new floor, new vanity and new toilet? I was consideringa bathtub surround at a later date or does it all have to be done at the same time to match up with the floor? How hard is it to replace a floor for a novice, how long will it take and any idea of cost? (60 sq. ft)Also I have tiled walls and will need to match the new floor level with them. This is our only bathroom. Can someone give me some direction please. Thanks, Karen
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Hi Karen,

With only one bathroom I hope you have good neighbors, because you'll be using their bathroom for a couple days, anyway.

I don't think (not being there) you need to remove the vanity, but the toilet definitely needs to come out while the new floor is installed.

Can you do the work? Of course, you can.

We need to know, though, how the original tile was installed in order to advise you on the new course of action.

I suggest you start tearing out a section of the old floor, and then tell us what you see.

The cost of materials for a 60 sq. ft. floor is going to run in the area of $350, depending on which part of the country you're in.

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You can do it, I am a novice and I just did what you described, cep we have 3 bathrooms (2 full), so we didn't have to bother the neighbors. Tore out everything, toilet, vanity, moldings, medicine chest, door and frame. Had to cut out and replace some of the subfloor. Took it down to the joists.

We put down ceramic tile which will add time and effort to your project. I spent 5 days on the floor alone, and that is not consecutively cause you have to wait 24 to 48 hours between steps.
Good luck and I agree with the last reply, you can do it, but you will need patience.

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