How for should I space marble tile apart?


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How for should I space marble tile apart?

We are about to lay marble tile in our bathroom. The marble is 12x12 tiles. How far should I lay them apart?
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I am about to install 4 x 4 tumbled marble tiles in my bathroom and have heard that natural stone like marble should have 1/8" or less (for aesthetic purposes only) spacing.
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its a personal preferance.I like tighter joints myself.Polished mable can be scratched during grouting process if you use sanded grout!Best to keep 'em as tight as you can and use unsanded grout
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Also a couple other things to be carefull with marble is up here in Canada we have been getting some black and green marble that is much softer than most and should be set with epoxy mortar instead of thinset mortar. There have been many problems with the marble warping when installed with thinset mortar.

The other thing is if it's a light colored marble it should be installed with white mortar because sometimes grey mortar can be seen through the body of white or light colored marble.

I hope this helps.

P.S. I agree with 1/8 inch spacing or less and grouting with NON-Sanded grout.

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