Bad grout????

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Bad grout????

I have recently laid about 350 sq/ft of tile in my kitchen. There was lanoleum (non-cushioned) existing with a subflooring. I stapled metal lathe over the lanoleum about every 6 inches apart and then added a coat of thinset-morter. Then when that was dried I applied another coat of thinset for tile adhesion. Once the tile cured I went ahead and layed the grout. The grout was supposed to be a tobacco brown (Polyblend from Custom builders) but ended up drying almost white. I waited ten days and used sulfamic acid to try and bring out the tobacco brown color and the result was the same. Also I have noticed that the grout has cracked and in some places it is every tile and others it is every other tile. Removing the grout from the joint (which was relatively easy) I noticed that there was no adhesion with the tile and the thinset. Also looking at the thinset there were no cracks and no loose tiles. Other jobs that I have done the same way, I have had no problems with cracked grout but I used Hydroment grout.

If the floor is moving which I am positive that it does not wouldn't there be loose tiles and the thinset underneath the grout also be cracked? Also the manufacture is saying that the mix was incorrect which they are wrong (I have been doing this for 40 years and have never had grout that cracked).

Has anyone else worked with this product and any luck?

Also what should be the next action I should take?
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I have been laying tile for over twenty five years myself. You did everything absolutely right. One of three things happened here.
1. There is slight movement in the floor underneith. Or the wire isn't down tight enough. What I mean by that is there can be no bubbles in the wire. Which you probably already know given you have done this for over 40 years.
2. Too dry a mix. Which you stated wasn't the problem.

3.There are some tiles where they are non porus. They are the ones that they say can be laid outside in freezing weather without cracking. (Porecelain) You have to use a Super-Flex type thinset for this tile, because the regular thinset does not adhere properly to it. Try pulling up one piece of tile. If the tile comes up easily leaving the tile imprint in the thinset, then this is your problem. Hopefully you haven't done this for a customer. Your only recourse is to take up the existing Tile. Then use the expensive thinset of which is guarnteed by the Manufacturer.


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