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setting tile

We're putting 12"x12" ceramic tiles down on our kitchen floor. We're using a 1/4"x3/8" square notch trowel with FlexBond thin set mortar over backerboard. We were told, and have read, that you should lift the first tile and check the mortar on its back to be sure the bed is thick enough. We were told there should be no parallel rows of mortar or dry spots. However, when we check our tiles, no matter what we do, we seem to get some small areas (approx. 3-4" in diameter) towards the middle of the tile that have parallel rows of mortar, rather than the "mushed out" areas around the perimeter. We are putting about 3/8"- 1/2" of motor down on the backerboard, combing it out at a 45 degrees and in straight rows. The rows are all well formed and while the the mortar is still sticky, not even close to being dry, we hinge the tile down into the motor, twisiting and pressing it into place, allowing motor to press out the sides...and still when we check the tile, it has never been completely covered with "mushed out" mortar. We even tried putting a little extra mortar towards the middle, but when its combed, it all evens out anyway. We were getting so frustrated that we decided to just lay the tiles anyway. Now the tiles have set. They feel firm; they don't move at all and there is no hollow sound when they are tapped. Is there anything to worry about? We've done about 1/2 the floor. Should we be doing something else? We seem to be pressing the tiles down quite firmly to the floor. Should press down even more, stand on them perhaps?
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Hi could get a bigger trowel.....but have you tried "butter Backing" the tile? Use the flat edge of the trowel and skim the back of the tile before you set it..that should fill any hollow spot you have, and give you good contact.
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This is only a matter of opininion, and I seem to be at odds with a bunch of people in the industry over this issue, but I think the parallel ridges are just fine. I mean, how much support are you going to need?

Go for it.
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Thanks for your replies. We did try butter backing, but still did not have 100% success. We'll try it again, though. We're just hoping everything should be fine and won't have any problems in the future. We're thinking, too, that the rows are still supporting the tile. It's not like we have nothing under the tile in one spot. Thanks, again
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back of tile

Directions will say "you should have 95 percent coverage"
you are fine.

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