Wallpaper Removal

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Wallpaper Removal

I had recently purchased a Condo in Florida, it was built in 1980, and the original owner had the 2 bathrooms wall papered, They even papered the celling in the bathrooms. I'm assuming the paper has been on since 1980.
I was thinking of renting a Steamer to remove it from the cellomg and walls. I don't know if the walls were primed or painted before the paper went on.
What would you suggest?
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I wouldn't go the steamer route unless the paper just doesn't want to let go.
The best thing to do is try to pull off a corner of the paper and then wet the exposed backing paper (the brown or white paper behind the surface material). Sometimes you will be able to peel all or most of the paper from the wall, other times you will be able to peel the surface from the backer either way your next step is to wet the walls with a garden sprayer, use hot water and some wallpaper striper (Dif makes one, follow the directions on the container).
Soak down a 3'x3' section as a test, let this stand for 10 minutes, then wet again, if the walls were properly sized/primed the paper should either peel off easily or knife off with a broad scraper, if this works soak the whole wall or an area that is workable for your time frame, sometimes it takes a couple of more wettings before the easy part kicks in. Don't saturate the walls just wet them, also it helps to have something on the floor to collect extra water, ie. a drop cloth. If this wetting process doesn't get the paper off easily then there is a possibility the walls weren't primed/sized (if you go to remove the paper and it takes the paper layer off the sheetrock). try the above method if this works you are home free, If the second result is what you get reply to this tread.
Also remember you need to wash off ALL the paste from the walls, if you plan on painting use a quality primer before your top coats. if you are going to re-paper be sure to use a quality Wallpaper sizing.
Let me know how this goes
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Go to Home Depot or Lowes purchase a tool called a paper tiger it is used to pefferate the serface of the paper or vinyl wallcovering then keep spraying with stripper '' Dif '' let it soak for a good wile it should peel off in one big sheet.
Good luck.
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First - are you sure its paper? There used to be a product that was a masonite board with a pattern printed on it. It looks just like wallpaper. You can remove the top layer, but it is a mess!!!

If it is papered directly onto the drywall, you will have to repair the drywall before it can be painted.

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