Border In Kids Room Height

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Border In Kids Room Height

I'm getting ready to put a border in my daughters room, but was wondering on where I should but it. Should I put the border around the top of the wall or in the middle of the wall. If I was to do the middle of the wall, is there any hight recommendation or should I just divide the wall in half and go with that. This is a toddlers room so I'm trying to make it look like what you would see in the baby catalogs how the room are decorated and the wallpaper is in the middle of the wall.
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Chair rail height might work best - about 32" from the floor......

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I would go higher than 1/2 way - more like 2/3?? So, if you have an 8 foot wall, go at about 5 feet. Keeps the kids from picking at it and it can be seen over most furniture. Measure and mark the wall so it's stays straight Today's borders are great because they're a lot easier to remove and replace as your child gets older. My youngest son (7 1/2) had Winnie the Pooh border and now has graduated to jet planes, all we did was get him a new comforter with planes on it and then hung different model planes from the ceiling, little touches like that!
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NEVER exactly halfway!

either 1/3 up or 1/3 down. 1/4 down is cute, too. use architectural elements of the room to help decide, such as just under a window, or so it runs exactly into a window, so the bottom of the border is level with the bottom of the window. you don't want to have just a few inches of a border running under a window. all or nothing. they say chair rail height is good for kids because it's at their eye level, but usually furniture covers a lot of it, or a lot is lost from window & door openings. ..and, as previously mentioned, there is that danger of curious little fingers peeling it off!

for a toddler's room, i'd recommend ceiling height or 1/4 to 1/3 down from ceiling, whichever is most pleasing when the border runs into the door & window casings. if you go with one of the latter options, paint (or wallpaper) a different color either above or below the border, so it doesn't look like you just didn't have a ladder tall enough to reach ceiling height! plus the 2-tone paint/paper adds more character.

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