wallpaper over previously painted and wallpapered walls

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Post wallpaper over previously painted and wallpapered walls

I have just had my kitchen wallpaper professionally primed and painted. I like the color but do not like the way you can still see the seams of the old paper. I actually had them to come back and repaint the walls again so they have a primed coat and three coats of paint on them now. The walls look like plain wallpaper hanging.

Is there any way that you can get rid of the seams or is this normal?

In my kitchen area, I had new countertops installed. The installer gouged my walls pretty bad, like some areas the paint, wallpaper and top coat of the wall is now gray color not white so I am going to wallpaper these walls with a tiled no repeat wallpaper.

Do I need to do anything to these walls prior to repapering them? They have the same layering as the breakfast room.

Also, do you cut the wallpaper in the corners or do you bring it around so you do not have seams in a corner?

The paper is solid vinyl and is shown covering cracked, problem walls and ceilings as well as paneling. It is prepasted, washable and strippable. It says on the directions to immerze in water for 30 sec, etc

but do I need to also add paste since it is going over the other layers?

I realize that this is a lot of questions and I do thank you for your help in advance.

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It's impossible to remove the seams just by painting over wallpaper. If you want to go back to a painted finish, the best thing you can do is steam off all the layers of wallpaper and start with the fresh plaster or gyp board. If your house is older, you'll probably find that underneath your wallpaper is a scratch-coat of plaster a poorly finished top coat. Plasterers sometimes aren't as neat if they know the walls are going to be wallpapered. You'll also have to remove the glue, which varies from easy to darn near impossible. Soemtimes dents and crumbling spots from accidents suddenly appear that you didn't know existed, because the wallpaper has held it all together for years.

If you find a real mess when you remove the wallpaper, you may decide it's just easier to re-wallpaper with something tasteful. Printed patters of wallpaper are coming back into vogue.

Unfortunately, you have just made it that much harder to eventually remove the wallpaper by adding the layers of paint. You have to steam wallpaper off the walls and now the steam won't penetrate the papers and soften the glue because it has a nearly impermiable layer of latex over it.

Hope this helps!
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Painted wallpaper

So I assume that the easiest thing to do , is just re wallpaper over the paint and wallpaper making sure that I do not aleign seam with old seam. Is this correct. Jen
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Painting over wallpaper is never a great idea. You could paper over what you have but if the first layer of wallpaper ever lets loose............

IMO your painter wasn't too professional. He should have spackled the seams - just enough to disguise/hide the seams. I don't hang paper but assume having your joints fall between the old ones woud be a good idea.
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you hired a "professional" to paint, but you're going to tackle wallpaper hanging yourself? painting is much easier than papering.

but if you do decide to try it: you only wrap the paper into or around a corner about 1/2". then you overlap so that the new sheet's edge is exactly on or in the corner. you have to use vinyl-over-vinyl (border) adhesive where the 2 papers overlap, or it won't stick (buy a cheap 1" disposable brush). [all other normal seams are butted together - never overlapped. only in/on the corners do you overlap.]

if your paper is a drastically different color than the current wall color, i would highly recommend painting the wall the same color as the wallpaper. if/when any of your previously tightly butted seams shrink & expose the wall underneath, it will be less noticeable if the 2 colors are the same. if you decide to do this, just have wallpaper primer tinted to the right color.

you can try to use the soak-and-hang method since it's prepasted, but professionals will use their own adhesive (even on prepasted papers) for good measure, as the pre-pasted paste sometimes isn't sticky enough.

you'll need a tape measure, scissors, a smoother, sponge & a 6" broadknife and a razor blade utility knife (or the snap-off type). cut each strip 3" too long, then, after the strip is hung, trim off the excess 1.5" from top & bottom holding the paper tight with the broadknife to guide the blade. change blades often, or they start to rip instead of slice.

good luck.

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