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Yet Another Wallpaper Removal Disaster

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03-11-08, 10:57 AM   #1 (permalink)  
Yet Another Wallpaper Removal Disaster

OF COURSE the wallpaper hanger did not prime the walls as she was paid to do when I built my house. This is the third room I have removed the wallpaper in, and only one of the rooms was properly primed. I started removing the wallpaper yesterday in my half bath and it quickly turned into a nightmare.

I used a scorer, first vinegar and hot water, then M-1 Wallpaper Remover (which I have used before with good results). Vinegar and water did NOTHING!! The top layer peeled off, leaving the backing on the wall. That's ok, it's happened before. So I sprayed more M-1 on the backing, let it sit, then sprayed it again, then began to peel it off with a scraper. While most of the backing came off, there is a lot of wallpaper residue (not adhesive) that stayed on the drywall. I sprayed more M-1, and even vinegar and water on the residue, and started scraping again. Some of it came off, but there is still far too much of the backing securely attached to the wall. Of course, I got it so wet in places that I cut up the drywall, but nothing that can't be fixed. I have not tried the steamer yet. Usually the M-1 does the trick!

Any ideas on what the problem is? The paper hanger must have been in a bad mood and mixed up a mixture of super glue and wallpaper paste that day. I worked 6 hours yesterday, and only took down 5 strips of wallpaper. My ceilings are 9 feet tall. Since it's only a half bath, I'm half way through it. That's the problem - 6 hours, and I'm half way through! Patience IS a virtue...and I'm getting lots of practice.

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03-11-08, 01:27 PM   #2 (permalink)  
Have you thought about trying some liquid fabric softener diluted in water? I'm not sure what the mix ratio is, but somewhere along the line I've heard that spraying this mixture on the wallpaper is a good method for removing the tough stuff. If it works well, great, but I wouldn't spend a whole lot of time trying it out before resorting to the steamer. If it's as bad as I imagine, even with a steamer there will still be scraping involved.

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03-11-08, 02:12 PM   #3 (permalink)  
I've tried a lot of the different mixtures and don't believe they work much better than hot water does...... and it all requires a fair amount of elbow grease

Occasionally you can let it dry and sand the remainder off. Worse case scenario - prime with gardz and then skim coat.

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03-11-08, 05:52 PM   #4 (permalink)  
It all comes down to the preparation of the walls!

I have done countless jobs of removal. The problem is there are too many scenarios. Warm water works most of the time. But at times a product called DIF will be more effective then anything else I have tried. I never go to stripping job without it. Get the concentrate not the jell. Menards sells this. Put a generous amount as instructed in a garden type pump sprayer. Mist it down and keep the surface wet for 45 minutes. Have on hand the 3/4 inch green grill scrubbers. Use a wide 2 1/2 scraper. Yes the drywall will get damaged but you have to expect this.

Make sure you keep the door/windows closed to keep the steam room hot.

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03-12-08, 06:52 AM   #5 (permalink)  
I'm Rolling Up My Sleeves

and headed back into the mouth of the beast to finish the job. I expect the worst and hope for the best! Thanks.

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03-16-08, 09:20 AM   #6 (permalink)  

Wallpaper Should Be Outlawed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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