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I have a ton of blueprints that I found a number of years ago. I am re-doing my kitchen and would like to use them on the back splash.Previously someone had what I thought was wallpaper but turned out to be mac-tac (you know shelf lining paper)and when I took it off the wall was really sticky(and still is even though I washed it). So two questions
1.What prep do I have to do to the wall?
2.How do I paper the blueprints?

Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried paint thinner or denatured alcohol on the sticky residue? Use a small pail and a rag or sponge and where gloves and open some windows. After you wipe it off, be sure to wipe one more time with a fresh bucket full and clean rag to remove any residue that may remain, then I would size the wall for wallpaper or prime with an oil based primer.

As far as the blue prints go, I have never really done that, I would have to buy a piece of sheetrock and experiment. Someone else may have some ideas but i would prime the piece of sheetrock and try different applications with the blueprints. Maybe 1' by 2' pieces of the prints. I would try wallpaper paste first, spreading on the prints, let sit for a couple minutes and apply on the rock and smooth. If it smears the ink try pasteing the rock and applying the print and smooth quikly. I might even try to seal one side of the print with a flat arosol sealer, then applying the paste and putting on the rock. You might find that the water based paste will allow the ink to bleed through frome backside to front, a type of spray contact cement may be the way, but will be much harder to apply since once it touches, it is there, there is no smoothing out.

Since you will need to seal the application after you hang it, when the samples dry, use an arosol sealer with the sheen(gloss) of your choice and spray the samples and see how it looks, I say use a spray becuase brushing may smear the ink.

I would also ask the wallpaper or paint store for a paste made for this if any.

Since these are just idea's to try on a sample piece of rock, you may want to wait for some better ideas.


BTW, that does sound like a cool idea, using bluprints as a wallcovering in a small area such as that, I hope you find a way, let us know how it looks if you do this.

You could possibly buy a solid white or light blue wallpaper, pasting the prints to it (try contact cement) you may have to tack the edges of the wallpaper down to do this, then hanging the wallpaper with the prints pasted on it. If you do this I would suggest getting a wallpaper wide enough to lay sideways and running one long strip, pasteing the prints on it accordingly (up and down on the sideways wallpaper)

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