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Post Moderator Positions Available and Applications Accepted

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Moderator Positions Available and Applications Accepted:

Application to become a moderator does not insure a promotion to a moderators position nor co-moderator position. Nor does it imply a demotion will not result for failure to attend to the moderators job duties and all requirements of the position. For complete details, read the moderators wanted announcement in every forum topic.

All topics on the web site needs qualified, experienced, skilled and knowledgeable persons to moderate the topic. If you personally have professional knowledge and experience on any forum topic, work in the position as a moderator is currently available.

Prospective new members whom want to become moderators are encouraged to begin posting replies, if you are not already doing so. Posting replies is a method for verifying eligibilities to assist other members, visitors with professional information and advice. All forums and all topics are available.

To apply for consideration as a moderator, interested parties should contact a current moderator via a Personal Message. In the contacting information please provide your first name, your member name, and a brief resume.

Request the message be forwarded to me with their recommendation for you to be promoted to a moderators position. Application to become a moderator does not insure a promotion to a moderators position nor co-moderator position. Nor does it imply a demotion will not or cannot result for failure to attend to the moderators job duties and all requirements of the position.

Moderator Compensations Offered:
Moderator Pay: ZERO....
Moderator Benefits: NONE....
Rewards...Plenty...Self Satisfaction Helping Others....
Additional Benefit: Being part of a professional team!

*Policy Note #1:
Moderator Want Ads are subject to revisions without notice. Moderator help wanted ads posted in any forum topic as a forum note are not to be edited, altered or deleted without permission.

Moderator want ads posted as forum notes are excluded from the no ads, advertisements, surveys and or solicitations in the forums policy posted by members. Moderator help wanted forum notes are posted for the intended purpose of locating qualified applicants to become moderators and co-moderators of forums on this web site.

Please avoid sending your questions for problem solutions in e-mails and personal messages {P/M's} to topic moderators. The questions sent are welcomed but forum topic readers reading your question do not acquire knowledge nor benefit from any information exchanged.

Current moderators should not edit or remove any help wanted notes without the permission of the web sites administrator. Your consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

***No Advertising Policy:
Read the forum rules and Web Sites terms of service here: Site Terms

Advertisements of any type within the forums or within signatures containing contact email addresses, business addresses, phone numbers, etc or any such within personal signatures is prohibited. Ads, advertisements, surveys, solicitations to market products, services or to hire someone to perform work is also not allowed within the forums. There Are No Exceptions.

Forums and the topics where intended to be used to exchange helpful problem solving methods and solutions to questions asked by members. Forum topics are not intended to be used as a public advertisement bulletin boards. These forums and or the topics contained within them are not intended to be used for the purpose of sales, advertising of product sales and or services, etc.

Unsuitable and inappropriate postings not relevant to the intent of the do it yourself web site, threads containing ads, advertisements, solicitations or any such content deemed as such by the web sites staff, personal and or the forum topic moderators will be edited and or deleted without prior notice.


Sincerely. Regards & Good Luck.
Sharp Advice, Web Site Management Services.
Web Site Host, Forums Monitor, Hiring Agent & Multiple Topics Moderator.
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