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Smile Wallpaper Removal

Thank you for both websites. Am I clear that DIF is the best product? I have a bottle of DIF Gel, does this make a difference?
My husband feels that I will create a huge mess and thinks that a steamer would be better. I know I read on one of the sites that this is not recommened. Is there a logical answer that I can give him as to why not?
I am only removing a border & removing paper that is only half way up the wall. Does this make a difference?
I am scared to start this project. I live on an island where if I make a huge mistake - I can't just pick up the phone and call in a professional to help. VERY LIMITED RESOURCES!
Thank you for any advise that you can give.
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DO NOT use a wallpaper steamer! The only ones that really work are the commercial ones that are butane/propane powered that you have to rent from a construction supply company. A steamer will cause substantial damage to your wall surface, and in the case of vinyl coated papers, have zero effect on them.

Dif is a good product, either regular or gel. There are several types of strippers and there is much debate in the wallpaper professional community as to which one is the best. If you already have some Dif, go with it.

Remember, the key to wallpaper stripping is to soak, wait, soak, wait, etc. Water/liquid/stripper re-activates the wallpaper paste turning it from a solid into a more liquid form allowing you to peel the paper off the wall. Have patience and use lots of water and it should come off fairly easily, it just takes time.
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Steamers do remove wallpaper!! The problem is they can also remove skim coats and dry wall linings and cause more damage then they are worth..As Wallpaper has said,wetting and waiting and repeating is the answer...The best and fastest way to soak wallpaper thoroughly is to use one of these..............

A garden spray cannister..
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For what its worth....

......I have been hanging for 20 years (yikes!!!) and have never used or even experimented with a steamer because I have never strayed from the perfect methods described above in the rest of the posts in the thread. If its coming off these methods will do it. Of all the strippers I have used DIF by Zinsser is by far the most effective. The gel strippers are useful and work well and I apply it with a roller or brush instead of the sprayer Toptosher has posted. The purpose of gels is to cut down on the amount of water needed. I find this useful when working over hardwoods or anything doesn't need water running down on it...Mike
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Smile Thank you!

Thank you for all the responses. I will not use a steamer!!!!

Wish me luck - I will start this project this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.
Again , Thank you sooooooooo much.
smile, smile, smile
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