questions on smoothing techniques - advice please!!


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Question questions on smoothing techniques - advice please!!

What is really the proper way to smooth out the wallpaper??? I have smoothed it before with a flat plastic smoothing tool and that seems to squeeze most of the paste out. I have also seen it done on home improvement shows and on several websites, where they just go over it with a wallpaper brush or a sponge from center to edge and voila............ Well I tried that yesterday because that looked so easy, and I have bubbles of glue (not air) under the paper. The more I smooth with the brush or the sponge, it just changes the shape of the glob underneath. So I went back to the plastic smoothing tool that I have used before and squeezed the glue out.

I'm concerned that I am squeezing TOO much of the glue out. But that seems to be the only way I can get it to look smooth. I want to know what the real technique is with the brush and/or sponge. You can't really press too hard with either one. Do the globs of glue under the paper eventually dry up and go away? I don't think so, but I had to ask.

I am using prepasted paper, so it's not that I am applying too much glue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Plastic wallpaper smoothers are the best. I have never heard of anyone using a sponge. Some use wallpaper brushes on really touchy papers, or papers with sensitive inks. The purpose of a plastic smoother is to remove the air, set the paper flush to the wall, and remove excess paste. Unless you press the living devil out of the smoother as you swipe, you won't remove too much adhesive. In fact, it is recommended to go over the seam areas with your smoother somewhat hard about 10 minutes after your strips are butted together. This technique will "set" the seam, others use a seam roller or the old paperhanger's "fingernail setter". Give one of the new smoothers on the market a try. Its shape ensures there will not be too much pressure applied. You can order one here.
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Thanks for posting so fast! Yeah, I thought the sponge was a little wierd, but even the instructions that came with my wallpaper says to use a sponge. And it's just a vinyl paper, washable, scrubbable, stain resistant, etc., so I don't imagine it would be a touchy type of paper. Well, trust me, the sponge does not work. And the brush doesn't work on smooth paper either. It just leaves brush strokes of paste under the paper.

I'll give that smoother you mentioned a try. Looks like it should work great for the type of paper I'm using. Thanks so much for your advice.
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If you decide to paste prepasted vinyl (as I do) then mix your paste much thinner than usual...allow to soak for 10 mins before you hang...If you use a paste that is too thick then this is where your problems lie`s...Never push too hard with your smoother as this will only stretch your vinyl..
Some pre pasted papers are loaded with paste so what I do is paste the walls with a thin mixture(size) and let dry and then just soak the prepasted paper with water..soak and then hang smoothing from top to center and then from center to sides only using a damp sponge to remove excess paste.....O.K???

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