Wallpaper & Border Chair Rail

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Lightbulb Wallpaper & Border Chair Rail

I am planning on adding a border chair rail with wallpaper below the border.

My thought is to run the wallpaper up to the horizontal level line then apply the border over it using the top of the wallpaper as a level line (since the edges should be level with my horizontal line).

My question is: How do I cut the wallpaper at the level line without cutting into the sheetrock? Do I simply line up the patterns, mark it and cut the wallpaper on a separate surface?

By the way, having read through posts in the past, I now know that I need vinyl to vinyl adhesive for the border! :-)
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You have expressed a common concern about cutting. How to cut paper without cutting into the sheetrock. This is very common with the wallpaper/chair rail situation you are faced with. To do this, you need a practiced hand.

Many express this concern, but fail to realize that when you trim the paper at the bottom of the wall, you still have this concern. There can be a slight amount of cutting in the drywall. It's the nature of the beast, unless you possess great skill. Avoiding it is fine if possible, but it shouldn't be a huge concern.

You still have to trim the bottom though. Pre-cutting the top and bottom sheet is the only way to avoid this and, though possible, requires great skill. This also takes into account the expansion/contraction of the paper when it gets wet/dries and this is simple beyond the skill of the do it yourselfer.

You can use a carpenters square or other methods to get a straight line at the top like you said. The bottom of the wall is almost never level. Use a good quality blade such as Olfa and a plastic smoothing tool as a guide and ensure you go through the paper with one swipe. You can practice the technique with the first couple of turns of your paper. Double it up, and do some practice cuts. Some really good hangers make the $20 bet. They put $20 under wallpaper and cut. Any marks in the 20, he owes, no marks, he just won $20. Practice away first and then attempt. Try to use even pressure and cut the entire strip without lifting your blade. Always use a freshly snapped blade with each cut. The pressure is different on the wall, but after the first strip or two you should be fine. Any slight cuts you make should only go into the first layer of your prep and are not cause for concern. Just remember you are not cutting through a cardboard box, only paper.

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