drywall cutouts


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drywall cutouts

When I made my receptacle box cut-outs in my drywall, in a few instances I ended up with up to one inch gaps between the drywall and box. How do I fill this in? Joint compound? Little pieces of drywall? I kept the cutout pieces, just in case...
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I have dealt with this problem, if I have been able to save the cutout pieces, by applying a thin coating of wallboard compound to the edges of the cutout ( a small wallboard nail or screw, carefully inserted into the surface of the wallboard cutout, serves as a ready handle to hold the wallboard cutout, while you are working with these small pieces ) and then carefully placing the cutout piece back in the correct position. It is often useful to hold the cutout piece, which has been reinserted, for a short while, in position allowing the wallboard compound to set up a little. You may find it useful to apply a little more compound than you really need, initially, resulting in a slight ridge at the point of contact between the main wallboard and the newly attached cutout. After the compound has fully dried, a little sanding of this ridge, at the join should bring it flush, and make it ready for priming. This may seem a little time consuming and tedious, but, Hey, if your going to take the time to do it yourself, you might as well give it your best shot
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Pre fill the gaps with mud. Let dry. Tape over gap with paper or mesh. cover tape with mud until smooth and flat.

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