can't stand paneling


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Angry can't stand paneling

I don't know what to do about the cheap and dark paneling in my entertainment room.

I want to use wall paper to cover it, but I'm afraid that it will look bad. If anyone out there has covered their paneling with wall paper, can you please share the results?

My second option is to remove the paneling and then paint the wall. How hard is it to fix the cracks, holes and glue left on the sheetrock? Can I expect a smooth finish that will allow me to prime and paint? or do I have to have the sheet rock removed and have new sheet rock installed?

If you have done this yourself, can you please tell me how you project turned out.

Thank you for your anticipated responses.

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Papering over panelling

Go to the Wallpaper Forum. Wallpaper has posted many times about this project.
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I have sung the praises of bridging material as twelvepole has pointed out. The main reason is finish and cost analysis. Finish is dependant upon how much effort you put into it. Once it is up, if you spackle boo boos, sand, and take your time.....NO ONE will have a clue there was paneling up before. Less than dedicated efforts will leave you will less than desireable results.

Another huge factor is cost savings. This is the cheapest alternative for your situation. Even if the results aren't fantastic, they are liveable, and your mind will change from "hate" to "I can deal with it".

We had a customer once that was having a plaster specialist come over the next day to do an estimate to smooth over a textured wall. He was expecting a 4 digit bill. I told him about the wonders of Cavalier Wall Liner and installed some the next day. I saved him major $$$ and he was the happiest camper on the planet that day. Ordinarily, my customers are happy, but when you "save" them several hundred, they are REALLY happy!!

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well, one way to fix your problem would be to just paint the paneling. Easy fix and a cheap solution to the dark paneling. You could take the paneling off and instead of fixing the sheetrock behind the paneling, you could drywall right over the existing drywall, if applicable? Hope this helps!
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My really dark family room looks terrific now. I installed a chair rail so I still have the dark paneling below. Above the rail, I filled the grooves with spackle and hung wallpaper liner horizontally. Then I hung beige paper and a border directly above the chair rail. I was going to put a lighter paper up, but at the wallpaper store I was warned that if you have a BIG color difference between top and bottom, the wall looks took chopped up in half. Anyway the room looks great.

Several neighbors painted their paneling and now they wish they had not. One had chemical reactions that resulted in white walls with a pink tinge. The others complain that their rooms still look dated. My room looks more contemporary instead of country.

Good luck!
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Thanks zippyLaura

Thank you for responding to my "Can't stand paneling" e-mail. Your response will help me to make a decision.

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