tiles out -- new cabinets in!


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Unhappy tiles out -- new cabinets in!

my husband is building new cabinets for our kitchen and here is our dilemma....on SOME of the wall behind the stove and where the refrigerator was, there is one-inch tile. the builder economized (i guess) and did not put tile all over the wall...only in just enough space to give the appearance that the entire wall is tiled. now i am wanting new cabinets where the tile is...and isn't. what is the best practice here? do i remove the tile? if yes, how? can it be done without damaging, and therefore installing, new wallboard? do i keep the tile? if yes, can i hang the cabinets over the tile -- might be an awkward fit (and husband is an mech. engineer) and what about the open spaces -- is it possible to get more one-inch tile, put those in the bare spaces, and paint the tiles to coordinate with the room? i have also considered putting beadboard over the tile -- however that presents a problem with the stove. ideas, assitance, encouragment needed!
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tiles out -- new cabinets in!


Now is not time to be asking these questions. Since your husband is building these cabinets, I assume that he has taken measurements from certain walls (corner to corner) making it hard to change plans. It doesn't sound like you have alot of area to do but it might be in bad areas based on your cabinet layout.

It would be wise to remove what you have and install drywall. Since you are going through all this work, why spend all the time trying to make something look good if it doesn't appeal to your tastes. Consider your options, knowing that it will take some time, some sweat but do it your way!

Good Luck!

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