countersinking drywall screws


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countersinking drywall screws

I've always used nails for my drywall projects but thought I'd try screws this time. It's a small project so I did not bother getting a special drywall screw gun or countersink bit for my drill. However, I seem to be having some difficulty countersinking the screws just right without tearing the paper. How much countersink is sufficient to be able to cover the screwhead with mud and if the screw head is only barely sunk into the wallboard, will it still be easy to cover with mud?
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Just need to be below the surface. Best to get the special driver bit for the operation. It has a special rim around the bit that contacts the surface of the drywall. The screw continues to drive until it slips off the bit maybe 1/16" or so below surface.

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