Removing Drywall

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Question Removing Drywall

I'm about to attempt to replace the sheetrock in a small room and need help. My brother-in-law is going to help put the new stuff up, but said I had to take off the old stuff. Any ideas how I would start to tear off the old boards???? I'm afraid to mess anything up.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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He's no dummy - he gave you the hard part. You gotta start somewhere and the first place is to remove all the baseboard and casing around any windows and doors. Remove any switch plate and wall outlet covers. Then, knock your self out. be aware of any wires and pipes running in the walls. Take a hammer and knock a hole between the studs and just start tearing back in each direction. you will have to come back and remove the nails or screws or you can do it as you go. No other way to do it as far as I know.
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bungalow jeff
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Turn off the electricity unless you are 100% sure there are no wires in the wall (watch for plumbing too). Don't try to cut the drywall. Pop open a hole with a hammer and start pulling it out by hand. You can pull the screws/nails after. Open a window and wear a good dust mask. And have fun, it can be good anger-management.
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Thanks for the help guys, I'll be taking a whack at this this weekend!
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Mark Nolte
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I'm fortunate to have a crowbar, a big (heavy) T-shaped crowbar, and 2 "wonder bars" (curved at one end, chisel points at both ends). I endup up with heavy "contractor grade" garbage bags in a trash can within feet of me as I wrecked out one wall after another. I v-e-r-y carefully cut (with a carpenter's knife) the doomed stuff a 1/2" below the ceiling, since I didn't want to get involved with the ceiling.
The T-bar is just too heavy, although it seemed the ideal tool. I ended up using the crowbar to get the wallboard loose, then wedged the wonder bar under it. Tempting to take off large hunks, but hard to handle after that- still need to fit into the trash bags.
I love my Sawzall, but wearing a dust mask gets tiresome after the first minute or so. Sawing drywall creates incredible amount of fine dust.
Nails had to come out as I went; one "got" my pinky finger. Blood is ugly. The wonderbar makes pullin nails easy. The nails that lost their heads take a lot of time. I've got a big, heavy nail-puller that either won't grip, won't line up, or cuts the nails. I tried my best, but ended up pounding the remaining "wires" into the wall. It works roughly 2/3 of the time.
Took me a while to figure it out, but I ended up wearing hearing protection (ear-muff-type steareo headphones). I've learned that hearing, once damaged, doesn't repair itself after you turn 24 or so.
My shop vac filled up quick, and the nails don't always make it to the tub. I picked up the hose and swung it out of the way. Spread nails in a 6 foot swath!

I was dealing with old nails. I don't know it the same technique works on drywall screws.
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Yes, tearing out drywall can lower blood pressure and relieve stress particularly if you are a frustrated Washington Redskin fan with a lot of pent-up anger. If you're local, leave me a wall....I'll be right over.........

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