waterproof drywall? shower tiles

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Mr Christopher
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Unhappy waterproof drywall? shower tiles

Hi, I'm hoping to tile onto a dry lined (DRYWALL??) wall. Without installing Cement based boards, can I hope to keep this waterproof using waterproof adhesive/grout/ and sealant??

Thanks for your time

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I have always installed Dura-rock or greenboard(water-proof drywall) to ANY high mosture room. I have done retro jobs in bathrooms where upon ripping old tile out have found nothing but plaster underneath with no visable water damage.
If you are down to your wood studs already, go with the greenboard! Consider it your last line of defense, over time, against water.

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Kenny E
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Depends on exactly what the use will be. Greenboard was way overrated and, at least in our area, is no longer permitted under tile in shower areas. Works fine in the rest of the bathroom where it will not be subjected to water. If this is in a tub or shower surrond, and I were down to the studs, I would go with the cement board for sure. Greenboard is mot waterproof.
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totally agree that with new construction i would use the duroc around tub and shower enclosures and green board for the rest of the bathroom. strangely enough in my city, which has some of the strictest building codes in the state, neither is required. so if you don't want to tear the room apart all you need is a good coat of primer and paint under your tile. this will make your drywall water resistent. grout is porous and sooner or later water will get through it if it isn't properly maintained. fix any holes that may appear in the grout immediately. the guy i used to work for recommended monthly applications of a silicone sealant. that was 10 years ago and i don't know if there are any better products available now but your tile supplier should be able to help you with that.

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