Roll joint compount onto walls?


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Roll joint compount onto walls?

I have some walls that need a few skim coats of joint compound. Apparently the previous owners removed wallpaper from the walls and didn't bother to properly remove the glue and proceeded to paint over the glue. Or this is what I'm guessing happened. I need an easy way to get some skim coats of drywall on the walls and was thinking of thinning the compound and rolling a few skim coats on letting them dry in between. Can this be done and if so what type of roller should I use?
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I'm a drywall finisher and although I've never tried Rolling mud onto the walls I'm sure it can be done!!

I would thin the mud down real soupy and use like a 1" nap roller
and then take a 10" or 12" drywall knife and lightly smooth it out.

And yes Use thin coats
apply coat then lightly sand then apply another soo on

Good luck

Hey have some water and a sponge around if you dont like how it came out wet it down and remove the mud with a drywall knife and retry.
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Brett Ruxer
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I was wanting to know how the rolling to drywall compund worked out. I have a situation where I might use this technique.

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It actually worked out okay. My husband thinned the compound, rolled it on the walls and I followed him with a 10" taping knife. We applied two coats and sanded after the final coat. We did have to patch repair some areas but overall it worked out.
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Hey go around the walls with a bright light and touch up the little air bubbles & Pin holes if you have any

You may not be able to notice but when you paint they will show

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