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replacing rotted bottom plate on concrete substrate

replacing rotted bottom plate on concrete substrate

Old 10-10-02, 06:17 AM
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replacing rotted bottom plate on concrete substrate

Hello: i pulled the sink/sink base from kitchen yesterday as there was a horrid water leak for lord knows how long. removed all the inside paneling (which is can be re-used), mildewed drywall (horribly disintegrated), and insulation (paper was mildewed so took it all out) down to the studs. this area is five-feet up from the concrete substrate floor and is 10 feet long.

i then see that the lower wood of the bottom plate is mostly rotted and needs replacing. this is a load-bearing wall; the other side of the wall is the exterior (covered in vinyl/plywood). the bottom plate is in two sections so could do one section at a time.

question: should i support the ceiling with a "T" out of 2x4's in order to replace the lower bottom plate wood?


should i just fill in the holes/cracks with ready-mix cement (after removing as much as possible of the really rotted pieces)?

any advice u could give is appreciated. thank u for ur time.

deb in alabama
Old 10-10-02, 07:04 AM
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You can support the ceiling with a T or just cut the sole plates out in sections with a reciprocating saw. Replace with pressure-treated wood.
Good luck!
Old 10-10-02, 02:23 PM
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being that you had a leak for some time now, I suggest you leave that area open for a little while for everything to dry out.

Also Mold is a Pretty Nasty thing and if possible tear away all part's of the walls that have even the smallest trace of mold on it.
Yes even if it's dry. "Toxic Mold" not good.

I agree with the OldGuy use Pressure treated Lumber

Also you can jack the ceiling w/T build your wall section complete and when ready remove the old and install the new.
Old 10-12-02, 06:34 AM
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thank u both for responding!

i have left open for almost two days now. scrapped and brushed all wood with a wire brush; then sprayed thoroughly with a 30% chlorine bleach soln.

if it doesn't rain this morning, am going to pull exterior siding also and will keep u posted on my progress.

pressure-treated is req'd per code so that's what i got.

if u don't hear from me, then = roof fell in...

thx for also telling guy what kind of saw tool to use--asked several folks and never got a clear answer!

Old 10-12-02, 09:24 AM
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just keep in mind that Bleach Doesn't Kill the mold all the time! so if you can remove as much as you can.
I'd hate to see you complete your project only to have mold bleeding through the wall's AGAIN. Or having to Smell it.
Good Luck
Old 10-14-02, 03:26 AM
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i removed the sheetrock & insulation and threw it away. repl. rotted wood on one portion yesterday w/ new wood and siding. this could take care of it. the mildew/mold hadn't penetrated the sheetrock through to the studs. could've possibly salvaged the insulation but for $15 decided to replace it (nice they sell "mini" rolls now!).

was able to reach the bottom plate by removing vinyl siding (), cutting through the older siding and going through from the exterior. didn't have to hold up the ceiling! was a lot easier than i thought.

will be installing a difn window today that's a tad larger. got a used one from the habitat for humanity re-store for $7.

should be ready to phone bldg inspector tomorrow--then we'll know whether i did it correctly or not! lol.

Old 10-14-02, 07:53 PM
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Glad to hear it.
Good for you. less work hehe
Old 10-18-02, 05:03 AM
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building inspector came by yesterday morning and asked if i'd done all the work myself (yes), so it was either very good (for a middle-aged female?) or very bad but he approved it!!

where i couldn't reach the sole plate from the outside, used a flat bar and hammer (don't have a reciprocating saw) to split the wood along the grain (little by little) to get it out; used a wood chisel and hammer for the tiny pieces/edges.

anyway, it's all done! i already have insulation, new sheetrock and mud on half of it.


in alabama

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