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Installing sheath and siding on exterior walls

Installing sheath and siding on exterior walls

Old 10-12-02, 08:15 PM
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Question Installing sheath and siding on exterior walls

Hi all,

I am a computer guy so I know little to nothing about building walls etc but I like doing it and I have an old house to fix up.

The house is mostly covered outside with some of that thick cardboard sheating and tar paper and then siding sheets of 4x8.

I need to complete the project so I got some OSB for the unfinished areas where we tore down an old garage and plan to put the OSB and then paper on that and then the siding. I dont know all the cool rules but does this sound okay/right? Not sure if I should put the paper over the OSB, I think it is 5/16 OSB.

Any other tips or tricks for this project.
Searched the net like mad but cant find any good links on the basics of exterior walls so I can read up on it. Please send them if you got them.
Old 10-12-02, 09:05 PM
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Sound's like you have T-111 siding panels,

Yes put the OSB on and then paper For best long term protecting DO NOT USE HOUSE WRAP. "The plastic Wrap"
It is not Waterproof and down the road you may have problems.

I don't know how they get away with using it on new construction.

Black Tar PAPER is the way to go and make sure you overlap your seam's
Work from the bottom up.

good luck
Old 10-13-02, 04:45 AM
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Question Thanks!

Hollywood you are the man or person.

Yes we are using the T-111 siding, I think I always call it Jiplap but the father-in-law calls it T-111. He kind of knows what he is doing but I like to make sure.

We are not using the house wrap so thats good.

You said overlap the seams and that makes sense but I was planning to cut the paper and run it just from top to bottom in one piece. Does that work or is it better to cover each piece of OSB with paper and overlap them?

You said work from the bottom up, you mean on the paper and/or with the OSB? Just wondering but why?

I think I should leave some extra paper at the bottom and maybe the top also like 1/4 to 1" over the edge is that right?

Last how close should my OSB pieces be on the horizontal and vertical to each other? Should they touch or have a gap for expansion?

Thanks again!
Old 10-13-02, 05:59 AM
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you want to start at the bottom with the Tar paper and work your way up to the top.

In the event you get water behind the wall for some reason you want it to roll down the paper and not into the seam's of it.

If you are doing a real small area you can do it from top to bottom.

Well yes it is good to leave just a little xtra at the bottom at times
I wouldn't at the top though, water may find a way to get in.

OSB Tight fit is good no need for and expansion joint.

DON'T FORGET TO CHAULK when finished!

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