Cutting Drywall with a Circular Saw?

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Cutting Drywall with a Circular Saw?


I've searched high and low on the internet, and could not find any mention of using a circular saw to cut drywall. In my garage, I want to cut out a long horizontal strip about 6 inches high out of the existing drywall in order to lay some electrical conduit. I have a hand drywall saw, which is slow and cumbersome. I also have a jigsaw, which I think would be dangerous, because the blade would hit studs on the downstroke. I thought it would be a good idea to use a circular saw. I can avoid the screws, because the wall is unpainted and I can see where the screws are. If I set the blade depth to just cut the drywall, I wouldn't have to worry about cutting anything other than the drywall.

Has anyone ever tried this. If you don't recommend it, then why not? Is it just because of the dust, or wear on the blade. I bought a cheap 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade for $1.99, so I'm not worrying about destroying it. My circular saw is an expensive one, however. Just seems like a way to turn a 3-hour step into a 10-minute one. Any advise? Thanks!

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What are you waiting for? Set the blade to 1/2" or 5/8" whatever and get with it. Won't hurt the saw if you have a good one (blow it out with air gun when you're done).
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I think a good reference to using a circular saw to cut drywall was in the Great Goofs section of Family Handyman a couple of months ago. It mainly had to do with the incredible cloud of dust the writer created and how his neighbor showed him how fast a sharp utility knife cut the board.
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The choice is yours

I would use a Sharp Razor therefore creating less mess.

Cut it with a Chain Saw! LOL j/k

it'll give the neighbors something to talk about.

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