drywall expectations


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drywall expectations

I am finishing my basement and had unfortunately opted to contract out the drywall. What I thought should have been one weeks worth of work has now turned into a month. After cutting the wires in several outlet boxes, there was a week delay before the hanging could finish and the taping could start. Once the taping was complete, they told me I could start painting immediately. Well once I started painting I noticed imperfections. I can notice two vertical seams where the drywall butts up to each other, but more noticeable is the top of the drywall. I am using ceiling tile so there was no drywall ceiling. You can notice where the drywall tapers off and see a line along the top of the wall. They did mud that area but it is noticeable. I am using a grid system that is only 1 1-4" from the joists so the imperfection will be visible.

I spoke to the contractor and of course they said the seams were because of the existing framing. And there isn't much they can do about the top of the wall. I asked if more mud would solve the problem but they said no. I tend to disagree because where the corners were fanned out, you do not see it.

They are basically saying I have to live with this. Someone is coming over tomorrow to take a another look. Are these normal conditions? And if I am to live with this am I expected to pay the full amount of the bid? If they still refuse to do the work, can I contract out to someone else to fix and deduct the costs from the original contractor bill?

I figured to ask your expert opinion before proceeding.

Thanks in advance,

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Well from reading your post it seems to me like the Drywall people did not know what they were doing........

Now did you hire a General Contractor to do all the work for you and he subbed out the drywall or did you do all the work and subbed out the drywall yourself?

After they Severed your wires in "several" outlet boxes I would have Severed all ties with them right then and there.

Well I don't know how bad the framing was to begin with, but if it was that Bad someone should of brought that to your Attention!!

From the sound's of it they can do a little better on the Finishing End.

Let the Contractor know that you are VERY Displeased with the work and that it need's to be corrected FAST and if it isn't that you will be forced to hire someone else to complete the job the right way and back charge him for it.

I personally would hold back final payment till the job is corrected but you may want to check your local laws on that. "Theft of services"

By the way the people that you hired to do the drywall Were they the Cheapest Bid you recieved.

Did you check the BBB for complaint's

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