Ventilation in basement-room to room


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Ventilation in basement-room to room

I have a duplex that is over 2 (1) car garages and basement that is divided into 2 plus a utility room, storage room, (2) laundry areas, family rec. room and a full bath (has bath fan). I will be adding another partition wall to divide one of the laundry areas from itís basement area from the laundry area so that are could be locked and separated from a shared stairwell. This basement is warmer and drier than usual because it is a wood foundation and on a gently sloped, well-draining site in Michigan. This building is only 10 years old and was built tight for energy efficiency.

Now that the basement will be further divided by another interior wall, I want to allow as much ventilation as needed between room-to-room. Also, in nice weather, with the car garage door(s) open a nice breeze used to travel to the farthest end of basement, but now there are several walls stopping/slowing air movement. Iíd like fresh, somewhat moving air throughout to prevent stagnant air, mildew, odor, etc.

There is only 1 traditional basement-style window (approx. 15Ē X 24Ē) in each half of the basement plus each half has a grade door w/ screened storm door to the garages that are underneath. I donít know how to describe the situation/floor plan better.

In this new partition wall, I could add a screened door in addition to the metal or wood interior door I will be installing, but wouldnít that look funny-within a basement? I could install some simple vent grilles but donít know if that would be adequate. Another idea is several room-to-room electric fans, on a timer, that would gently circulate the air once every 24 hrs. And/or add a small pipe to allow addíl air exchange to outdoors. Maybe a window w/ a screen would look ok.

Anyone got any other ideas or opinion on mine? I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Thank you
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Air circulation between rooms

Transoms over doors help with air movement between rooms. A grille covering an opening in the wall between the rooms is also beneficial.

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