Ceiling Plaster Problems


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Ceiling Plaster Problems

I live in a 1948 midwest home with plaster lathe plaster walls. Part of the ceiling covering (assume plaster) has fallen off in several places and three cracks running from wall to wall. I am assuming that the cracks are only in the covering material and are not structural.
Looking for a pretty easy fix without scrapping the whole ceiling. Sheetrock installed over the top? or some other type of solid covering?
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If ceiling is fairly even yet, screw 5/8 rock over it. Be sure to shim the areas that have fallen down or the rock will "suck up". If the ceiling is really rough and uneven either tear off the plaster or use string line and install furring with shims before installing the rock.
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Aren't you concerned that something caused the plaster to crack across an entire room in three places and likely has separated the plaster from the lathe? Without addressing the real issue, you will soon have separation and movement telegraphing through the drywall joints used to hide the problem.
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For Jeff: Thought this was a forum. I offer my opinion as a solution to the problem on a 1948 house that I'm sure is not all plumb and true as when built. After 58 years maybe the settling is complete. Rather than critique my reply, why not offer a better solution to the problem?
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Cracked plaster

I am with Bungalow Jeff, who has been around for a while on the forums. You can cover up the sins as tedn333 recommended, which I would probably do after I addressed the issues regarding the cracked plaster as Bungalow Jeff suggested. Structural issues should always be addressed before covering the sins of our structures. Issues such as moisture and settlement head the list of issues to be addressed.
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tedn33, my post was directed to brettbh, who was capable of understanding this. Brettbh e-mailed me with info about a previous roof leak directly over the area that has been repaired. With that info, I told him the sheetrock route will be the easiest. I would not do this myself because of potential mold growth in water damaged plaster and crown molding adjustment.

Any advice without all of the facts is potentially useless. If the roof leak was not addressed, there would be two layers of failed ceiling requiring repair within a year. I have seen this several times. Settlement typically causes cracks in walls, not ceilings, so the source of the cracks being from water damage was fairly obvious.

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