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Mudding over corner gaps and butt joints?

Mudding over corner gaps and butt joints?


Old 10-25-02, 10:39 AM
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Question Mudding over corner gaps and butt joints?

2 questions

1) I have a room I have gutted all the sheetrock and re-hung (after insulating the room ). I hung the sheetrock horizontally and staggered the vertical joints as I'd seen several threads here and other places saying that was the best. Now however, I see a problem.

At the top of the wall in the corner is a gap where the beveled edged of the sheetrock on one wall doesn't meet up with the flat edge of the sheetrock on the adjoining wall (does that make sense?)

I got the sheetrock as tight as I can in the corner, but the house isn't entirely square and there's still some gaps of 1/4" or so in a couple of the corners. How is the best way to fill these in? Can I just put mud in and fill it, then tape over it? Or will that cause problems later on?

2) Hanging the sheetrock horizontally makes butt joints that need to be covered. Is it wise to use a tool and dig out the joint a bit (to simulate a beveled edge)? That would allow me to fill and tape it more easily. I'm thinking of using tool to indent about a 2" wide bevel down the joint and then fill that in. Will that cause problems later on?

Thanks for your help and thanks for such a great DIY resource you have here

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Old 10-25-02, 06:51 PM
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As far as the "Gaps" are concerned apply mud to the wall and Flat tape the area when it's dry you can go back and tape the entire top "Cap" Corner's

As far as the "TOOL" for the Butt joints that's all new to me I have never seen one in person

Im a member of Wall's & Ceilings inc and I have seen a few vendors that have such a product but never tried it. Also I don't know if they are avail in home centers

when finishing a Buut joint use a 10" or 12" knife to mud Either side of the joint let dry sand a little then place a Straight edge on the joint to see where additional mud may be needed

good luck

Save your $$$ I don't know how much those tools cost but How many times do you think your going to use it?

between myself and my fellow Finishers out there that finish 1000's of boards weekly I have yet to see anybody use such a tool
Old 10-29-02, 05:32 AM
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Thanks for the reply.

As for the tool, I didn't mean to imply there was a special tool made for that. I meant taking like a 2-3" wide scraper or something and running it down the joint to indent it a bit to allow the tape to lay down inside the wall, like it does on the beveled edges. So when I mud over it, it'll be flat with the surrounding wall.

If I don't do that, I usually end up with a small hump where the butt joint is I guess I need to feather it out more?

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