MDF Molding Pros/Cons


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MDF Molding Pros/Cons

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, and since MDF is under 4 character, I can't search for this topic.

I recently laid down some hardwood floors and in the process, destroyed all of my 'builders special' $0.10 baseboards. So, in keeping with our white trim theme, I only need to go with pine. So when I was shopping, I came upon some MDF. What do you all think of it?

I tested it out, it took my nail dents the same as with the pine (yes, I bought a piece of each and took them home!) and it paints the same as pine. The catch? It's 1/4th the cost!


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Seems like a winner to me. If it is painted and you are happy with the performance when abused. It is not at all resistant to water, so it must be in a dry location.
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The only thing that I have noticed is that there is a lot more bounce when you are nailing it if it isn't real tight to the surface. I've only had to hand nail it one. After that I have used a air finish nailer nad it doesn't even blink. Might be wothwhile to go to the local rental center and rent one with a compressor. It saves a lot of time since it countersinks the nails for you.
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I installed MDF Base in my house and once it is up and painted, you cannot tell the difference. But as chfite stated, it does not handle water at all.

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