Crows Foot Ceiling Texture

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Question Crows Foot Ceiling Texture

I have drywalled the upstairs portion of my house. The downstairs was drywalled by pros. I need to texture my ceilings upstairs to match the ceilings downstairs. The problem I am having is determining the recipie the pros used to achieve their results. The ceiling has a crows foot texture. (I am pretty sure this is the proper name or the texture effect- it is a type of stipple) The pattern is what I would call light, there aren't any heavy stalagtites of drywall compound hanging down. The questions I have regarding this project are:

1. Since the compound is rolled on before texturing what roller nap thickness is commonly used?

2. What kind of compound is used to coat the ceiling for a crows foot texture?

3. Is it common to thin the compound with water in order to control the thickness of the stalagtites that hang?

4. Do I have to acheive a smooth clean finish on my taping job before I texture, or is it ok to texture after the second coat of mud in the taping process?

5. Is there a resource available that will show you step by step how to create a crows foot texture?

6. What are the advantages\disadvantages to priming or not priming before the textured finish is applied?

7. Is a brush utilized to create the crows foot design? (I think it is but I am not sure)

I really appreciate any input or advice that you can give. My intent is to establish what the common practices are for creating this ceiling texture, so I can establish a starting point for practicing this texturing technique. This way through trial and error I can find a similar recipie that will acheive results that are as identical as possible to what the pros did on my downstairs ceilings.
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Well I found some answers but not all, so for the benefit of anyone else who have similar questions I will submit a response to my own posting.

As far as the nap on the roller:
I have purchased 1/2" and a 3/4" nap paint rollers to see how much compound they will apply, but while I was at the hardware store I saw other rollers that will apply a pattern of texture in many different configurations. The texture that I have is made by a brush that is pressed against the ceiling. Initially I thought that a brush was used on my downstairs ceilings but the pattern that the pros created is different than the brush textures that I have seen in the past. My texture downstairs is not as pronounced as the common brush textures I have seen. I think the pros did a combo of these things:

1. thinned the mud with paint or water
2. let the mud sit and set up some before the brush was utilized

I have a good feeling that they applied the mud to the ceiling downstairs with a paint roller because I can see tracks in between their texture and the mud is applied across the ceiling surface in a very even layer and the layer is not thick it is just enough to coat the ceiling.

Now I just have to practice so I can determine the pros recipie.
How much they thinned the mud with paint or water and what roller nap thickness they used?

I did try the easy route of simply asking them how they did it but they would not tell me.

I will post the results that I have when I practice

If there is anything that anyone can add that will help please post it so everyone that is doing a similar project can benefit from the extra insight.
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I'm doing the same thing.....

I think you have the right idea and yes there is "crows foot" brush at home dept/lowes that creates this effect. I do not think the mud is thinned too much, but certainly some-you will have to experiment to get the desired effect. I am trying to match a circular pattern to no avail...can't find the brush anywhere I may have to make the damn thing!
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use about a 20 0z pepsi bottle to a five gallon bucket of mud.mix it real good with an attachment that goes on the end of a drill.skim coat about half the ceiling..get your texture brush and make whatever texture you want.the swirl pattern can be easily done with a wallpaper the other half as soon as you can get to it.not hard to blend in starts and stops.reason none will tell you how is because we get from 250 and up a room depending on the design
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I've done what you call the crow's foot, we also call it "stucco" ceilings, anyway, buy the unaggregated wall and ceiling texture first, then buy the crow's foot brush, which you should find at any lowes/homedepot store. I've always applied the texture by using a hopper and a compressor, then after spraying it, you take the brush and stomp it into the ceiling. I find it best if you make the texture a little thicker then thinner....less mess. Need any other help, let me know.

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Thanks for the advice

I really appreciate the direction.
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Here's how to do crows foot:

The mud should be thinned out enough so it's loose but doesn't run. I use a paddle like thing on a half inch drill to thin my drywall mud. After I mix it, it's obviously thinned but doesn't drip off the paddle when I pull it out of the mud after mixing.

Keep it in the pail. Pick up a crows foot brush at Menards, Lowes, or Home Depot. It's an oval shaped brush (kind of looks like a walrus mustach all the way around) and it's got a place for a broom handle like attachement (same thing that a paint roller has).

I just attach the handle to the brush, dip it in the pail of mud and start bouncing (slapping) it against the ceiling. First hit is pretty thick, but keep doing it and you'll get whatever degree of texture you want. Covers about 3 sqaure feet per dip.

This way you don't have to mess around with rolling it on first....
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Thanks, I had a feeling someone who has done the exact texture would point me in the right direction

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