drywall anchor removal???


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drywall anchor removal???

how can i remove these anchors without leaving a gaping hole?

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Drywall Anchor Removal

Insert a screwdriver into the head of the anchor and turn counterclockwise until the anchor is free. The spreading "points" may enlarge the hole slightly as they emerge. Then, patch.

If you have a big drywall toggle with toggle wings on it, you use the screwdriver to remove the screw and the toggles drop into the wall. If the screw does not come out all the way, you might have to cut the screw with snips. Then punch remaining screw into wall, and it and toggles will fall into wall. Then, patch.

For those little plastic expansion anchors, like the ones in my drywall left by previous renters, I will need to insert a screw into the anchor and and wiggle and pull until I get them out. I have seen people go ahead and punch these pesky things through the wall, but that increases the chance of greater wall damage and requires more patching that way.

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