Need some Advice on what to do next.

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Need some Advice on what to do next.

I have planned to drywall my bedroom. I am ripping off all the plaster and lath right now. Before I drywall I want to make sure I have everything how I want it. I am making outlets on about everywall, and a tv jack on a few of the walls. I was planning on doing the drywall next week, but I am thinking I should extend the heat - a/c vents to the top of the wall rather then the really big old ven that is behind the door. What is everyones take on this? Should I leave it, move it to the top of the wall, or put it on the celing blowing down? I want to make it more modern and efficent and what ever makes the resale go up. Also It has some tall wood trim along the bottom, Should I redo this wook work, or get newer more modern trim? Again looking at the resale.

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"outlets on about everywall"
Sounds sort of vague. The code is a minimum of every 12 feet, and every piece of wall more than 2 feet wide. If you have the walls open, put them every 6 feet or so. Try to get them where they will be needed. One on each side at the head of a bed for example. Adding them now is cheap and easy.
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As far as moving the warm air, I wouldn't move it to the top of the wall. If anything, your cold air return could be up high. If you have a choice, it's best to have your warm airs on exterior walls, under a window...and your cold air return on an inside wall. This would provide the room with the type of air movement it needs.

If you have one of those big old warm air vents which stick out of the wall and has the base against the floor, and you want to eliminate it, then change it out with a warm air wall vent. This will require you to do some work to the floor in order to cover up the hole. You'll probably need to change out the boot coming up into the wall from underneath...frame to fit and carry the airspace up about twelve inches and block the top. Make sure when framing the wall that you have nailers in a place where the warm register can be secured with screws after the drywall gets finished.

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