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We are in the process of taking old paneling off a wall. We have steam heat which means we have old radiators. Our problem at this time is how do you detach the radiators in order to get to the wall and baseboard behind this area? Can they be loosened and tilted far enough to access this space or can they be completely disassembled?
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When we did this, we had to shut off the water and drain the system before taking off the radiator.
You should be able to see on the radiators where it is connected.

Even since that time, we vowed to do whatever we had to do in order to never do it again without a very
good reason. It is a big project to take off one radiator. Can you work behind it?
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Not a big deal

I just removed the radiators in two of the bedrooms in my home w/o any problems. Just closed the valves at the radiator and used a properly sized pipe wrench to disconnect the collar that joins the piping. Keep a small container and towel handy to catch any water that drips out of the radiator side piping. No water should come out of the valve side as long as its working properly and shuts down tight. You may also want to slip something under the radiator before moving it so that you don't scratch the floors. Clean the threads good with a wire brush and apply some pipe dope before reconnecting the radiator.
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I do exactly what ballpeen described as I renovate each room. This is assuming steam as you posted and not hot water heat as cmb60631 noted. While the radiators are disconnected, we strip and paint them.

Do not attempt to disconnect the radiator fins as they will never reassemble correctly. This is also a good time to adjust the radiator for proper tilt. That is, make sure the side opposite the valve is higher, so the steam rises to fill all of the fins and the condensate does not collect in the radiator (which causes pops and bubbling noises).

I recommend a trip to www.heatinghelp.com for great steam system advice. There is a great FAQ book for $20 that answers many steam related problems.

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