Vinyl siding repairs


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Question Vinyl siding repairs

Any ideas on where to go for detailed info on vinyl siding repair? I understand that a special tool is used for "unlocking" layers. I need to cut a 8"x10" opening, then slide a junction box (with an 8.5"x 10.5" mounting flange) under the siding (showing through the siding, to mount a carriage light) and nail the box/flange to the sheathing. Any ideas? Thanks.
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There is a special tool for unlocking the's just a little metal deal with a real tight rolled tip you catch the end of the siding either at a joint or in the J channel, pull doward and slide along the lap, unlocking the joint as you go.

Once you get one pc loose, just pull the nails one the pcs below until you have enough out of the way to install your mounting block....then reinstall, don't nail tight until you get back to that last pc...use the tool to pull the upper pc down over your last removed pc....hook at one end and slide toward the unhooked end, applying pressure inward at the same time with your other will snap right back in place.

The tools can be found at most pro siding places.....they are just a few bucks.
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Vinyl siding repairs

With some exterior lighting fixtures you can purchase a vinyl siding adaptor. Inquire with your lighting dealer. You make slits into siding and slip backplate into slits so siding extends over top and sides of backplate and under rain drain so moisture drains out over siding. Backplate is attached with nails or screws. Cover plate and light fixture are then installed.

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