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There is a place in my house where the wall meets the ceiling that is starting to crack. I covered the crack with wallboard compound a few months ago and now it's starting to crack again. Is this a foundation problem or is it just the house settling? The house if 5 years old. Also, who would be the best person to get an opinion from?
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It might possibly be caused from the house settling, but it is more likely that it is just compound shrinkage in dry warmer air from your heating system.
You need to scrape it out, and re-tape and re-mud the new tape.
Good Luck!
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OldGuy is right. There are crack tools available to rout the crack to a 1/8"-1/4" which allows mud to seal the crack instead of just cover it. This greatly reduces telegraphed cracks. However, if the cracks are due to house movement and not seasonal change, the real problem has to be corrected first.

Good Luck.
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yeldarb: When you remud the seams are you mixing the compound with water to thin it out? I would not. That may be a cause when it gets drier out. Also do like they said. Open the crack and then fill with good compound. Peace: e3 - spamman

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