Sealing drywall


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Sealing drywall

There are several different drywall sealers/primers on the market. Kilz2, Zinsser are just two. It seems that just about every paint manufacturer has their own drywall sealer.

A gentleman at HD told me to use 2 coats of the Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 to seal new drywall. I was also advised to use the drywall sealer as the vapor barrier on the exterior walls when I started this project. When I closed the exterior walls I used unfaced R-13 and no vapor barrier.

Will the White Pigmented Water-Base Primer-Sealer work as a drywall sealer?
Should I use the Red label stuff instead?
Is there a better brand?

Does it really matter or have I been sniffing too much drywall dust?

fwiw, The top coat will be a latex based paint.

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If your finish paint manufacturer offers a sander/primer/sealer, use it. It will bond better with the finish paint.
Otherwise, use any other good s/p/s, such as Kilz.
Good Luck!
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There is a paint product that serves the purpose of sealing in place of a vapor barrier. Major paint dealers would carry it. I don't recall whether or not it is a primer or a finish coat.

Ordinarily, PVA primer is the first choice for priming new sheetrock prior to painting with latex.
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I talked to a professional painter and a rep at Zinsser. The painter said to use Zinsser BIN if a vapor barrier was really needed. He said that normally the vapor barrier would be taken care of the facing in faced insulation in which case he would just use PVA. I knew I should have used the R-13 faced, the unfaced stuff was a pain to find.

The rep at Zinsser said that the BIN primer will provide a 0.4 perm vapor barrier per coat. One could would suffice, two would be better. This stuff is tintable but I doubt I will go that route since I will be priming 3 rooms and a hallway at the same time.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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