plaster/drywall mix


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plaster/drywall mix

I still have some questions after searching around the fourm. I had to replace a beam in my dining room a while back, it was sagging, causing the plaster to crack. Now I have two blank walls that will need to be drywalled and the ceiling is about 10 x 14 and has a 1' strip along one side where I had to remove the lathe and plaster. The question is should I fill the 1' space with drywall and then try to match the depth and texture? there are several small holes and cracks in the remaining plaster. Does that mean that I will have to mesh tape and repair all the old cracks and then smear over the entire ceiling?

Or should I tear out the whole ceiling and put drywall back in.?

Also what thickness of drywall is reccommended for cover over projects on a ceiling so that it wont sag over time?
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Use multiple layers of drywall to build up to just below the adjoining plaster. A lot of plaster is very close to 3/4 inch thick. Use two layers of 3/8 inch drywall. If the plaster is slightly less than 3/4, use a layer of 1/4 and a layer of 3/8. Fill in the remainder with easysand and texture to match if required.
Screw the drywall to the joists, and use construction cement to attach the next layer along with longer screws to reach the joists. If you have plaster your joists are probably 16 inches OC. AS long as you stack up at least 1/2 inch of drywall it should not sag.
I like plaster and try to preserve as much of it as possible.
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What about the extensive cracks along the rest of the ceiling? Should I try to screw them back up to the ceiling before I skim coat the whole thing? Do I need to tape them and feather them out?

1/2 of the walls in this place have been switched over to drywall so preserving the craftsmanship of the past is probably already lost.

Now that I have had a day to think about it. It might be easiest to drywall over the ceiling and then put crown moulding up on the perimiter. That way I wouldn't have to mess with mudding or taping the corners.

Waddya think?

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