plaster ceiling sagging

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Question plaster ceiling sagging

i have a 100 year old house. drop ceilings in kitchen, living room, dinning room. "large portions" of original plaster ceiling sagging or crumbling above the drop. all ceilings have wall paper on them. I removed the wall paper on the walls. looks like it was there from day of construction. my dilemma i leave the drop ceiling in( i dont like it i want to remove it, though it is in good condition) paint over it? Or, rip it all down and repair plaster ceiling? how do i do this? is it not worth the time? should i drywall over it? can it be fixed? I've done drywall and i've done some plaster with help from a neighbor. Please, somebody help! My wife has been staring at these bare walls(that i wont fix till I decide what to do with the ceiling)for two years and is giving me "the look".
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At 100 years the plaster is on wood lath? Or metal screening? If the sags are large areas that are relatively intact, you could use plaster washers and try to re-anchor. Charles Street Supply, Boston, MA has them. It can be a real chore, since after you use them you have to coat the wall to bury them. You could pull it all down and use 1 coat plaster over blue board, or if you can find fibrebond panels put them up. They are panels with the fibers embedded into the material, so there is no cardboard on the face. They weigh like plaster (HEAVY) and sound like plaster for the knock on the wall test. If you decide to put a sheet goods, the old joists are often not very even. Shimming is a nightmare. Instead you can rip 2x4s in half and attach them to the side of the joist sticking down far enough to create a flat plane even with the lowest spot in he existing framing. If you use a laser level it goes pretty fast.
I like plaster walls and would try and restore them, but have used fibrebond, particularly on ceilings, when the job got a little to time consuming. On walls I will restore with 2 coat plaster, complete with lime plaster putty for the finish coat.
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sagging ceiling

Thanks brickeyee, you have some great advice. I had no idea there were so many options. Now to decide what method i want to use. One thing I do know... I got to take the plunge and do something...know what i mean?

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