ceiling tiles


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ceiling tiles

ok, i have these nasty brown/yellow ceiling tiles in my living room, dining room and kitchen. a friend recently told me he took his down, sprayed them, and then repainted them and they look a million times better. which would be better: cleaning and/or painting them white, or just buying new ones? i do have a limited budget. what do you think?
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Ceiling tiles

Price new tiles at the local home center and take a look at your budget. If you can afford to replace the tiles, then that may be a better option for you.

Cleaning the ceiling and painting is also an option. I have painted dropped ceiling tiles with latex paint and they turned out quite well.
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I have painted ceiling tiles and run into problems when a smoker had lived beneath them.

The first time, after painting the tiles with latex paint, small brown dots appeared where the holes were.

Apparently nicotine and tars had settled into the holes and the water based paint disolved it enough to seep through.

So - I painted it again - same brown dots!

Eventually got smart and learned I needed to paint first with a primer that seals stains (Zinzer or Bin) and THEN paint with latex!
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Priming is excellent advice if covering over stains. Primer will seal and provide a good, clean surface for paint. When painting over nicotine stains, even after cleaning with a degreaser, adhesion and stains can still be a problem.

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