texture on walls


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texture on walls

I posted a similar question several weeks back but would like some more opinions/feedback if anyone would oblige.

I'm looking to put an orangepeel type (maybe coarser) texture on my walls. I'm guessing I need to use a drywall hopper to spray it on and will be renting one soon. Do I just use regular drywall mud and thin it out and put it in the hopper? I don't need to add any texture to the mix? Do I need to use the knock down technique to get the orange peel texture?

I've never tried to texturize a wall before and would like it to look as professional as possible.

Also, I'd like to put a texture on my ceiling as well but not quite the coarse popcorn ceiling. Do I need to add some type of aggregate for this or can I adjust my spray settings and use the hopper and gun?

Thanks for the help.
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Orange peel texture

You can create this texture by spraying watered-down joint compound through an airless paint sprayer. The trick is to add just the right proportion of water, and mastering the spraying technique takes lots of practice.

A drywall spray rig which is a small air compressor and a drywall hopper work great for ceilings and walls. You can purchase ready mixed spray materials in dry form and mix it. Use a large 1/2" drill and mixing paddle. These can be rented. You mix the spray material the consistency of runny oatmeal, pour it into the hopper and spray. You will need to mask off everywhere you don't want to find the texture. You might also want to practice on sheets of cardboard, plywood, or drywall before beginning, so you can get the adjustments on the gun right and to get your technique down.
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You are going to have a very hard time making orange peel look good. You need a lot of experience to do a consitant pattern for orange peel. If I were you I would go with knock-down if any texture at all. Yes you can use regular drywall mud. I would use a lightweight mud and mix it up thin. It needs to be really thin to spray through the hopper. Like cake batter. Spray it on and wait until it is set up enough then knock it down.

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