sheetrock to brick joint


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sheetrock to brick joint

I have ceilings sheetrocked to exposed brick walls, and there are some gaps between the rock and the brick that need to be sealed. Most are under an inch, but vary. To meet the fire rating they need to be closed. Any ideas? I am afraid Joint compound will just drop to the floor...
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Tape off the brick to keep the mud off it. Using setting type compound (easysand90) mixed with the minimum amount of water. It will stay put by sticking to the brick and drywall. It will probably take a couple extra coats to get it to fill in. If you can work some expanded metal screen ('stuco wire') into the gaps to provide some backing it will go easier. Cut pieces and 'spring' them between the brick and drywall.
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In addition to brickeyee's suggestion, you will have to tape over the crack once it is filled or it will crack out again. To do this get some self stick mesh tape. String it in a flat line following the contours of your brick. That is, flat against the drywall covering the gap. Then coat over the mesh with mud, 2 to 3 coats, sand and touch up. Then caulk the line where the tape meets the brick. All the while making sure your brick is protected.
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Thanks very much. I will check these materials out and give it a go. All the best.
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An easier solution would be to install moulding
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I'm with Frank99 on the moulding idea. A mud joint, even with tape, will eventually debond and form a gap as the two materials move differently with the change in seasons. Attach the moulding to the brick wall over the pre-painted drywall. The moulding will float over the drywall as the two materials move with temperature changes.

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