Now what do I do?


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Now what do I do?

In my kitchen I had these fake bricks that were applied like ceramic tile on the wall. I thought they looked ridiculous on a frame house, so I started removing them, not thinking of the repurcussions. Well, as the bricks came off, so did the finished surface of the plaster wall. Now I'm left with the rough surface of the plaster underneath. What are my options now? Can I tile to this? Can I just use textured paint? Any and all options welcome.
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You have to restore a smooth surface before applying tile. Most building supplies (and/or hardware stores) carry a patching plaster - designed specifically to repair holes and/or cracks in plaster walls.

It's relatively easy to use, and costs very little.
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What about a textured paint?
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Use setting type joint compound (Easysand90) to skim over the damaged areas. "Patching plaster" is a joke. The top coat of a plaster wall is a combination of lime putty and plaster. The lime putty takes a long time to harden, but greatly improves the workability of the mix. The "patching plaster" will set up so fast you will not have enough working time. Setting joint compound is a great modern version, and is completely compatable with plaster for repairs. If you use easysand you can at least sand off your mistakes. Plaster and durabond are very hard and difficult to sand. More but thinner layers are better than sanding in any case.

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