Bathroom paint and sheetrock rot


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Bathroom paint and sheetrock rot

On the wall above my shower/tub I have some water damaged. The paint has bubbled and the sheetrock around the shower head has become weak and is crumbly. The original damage was caused by a shower head that leaked and sprayed water above the plastic shower installation. This appears to be isolated to the sheetrock as no wood damage is present. My question is, what is the best way to repair the damaged sheetrock I.e. (section or full replacement) and should I replace the section where the paint has bubbled.


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I would replace all the damaged rock. Where the paint has bubbled, I would check by scraping off the paint to be sure that the rock has not failed underneath. I would not tear down a whole wall's worth of sheet rock unless there was a benefit to removing it all. Cut out the damaged section and evaluate where your studs are to plan for a replacement. A recommendation to sister a section of 2x2 alongside a 2x4 to have a place to fasten the sheetrock seems like a handy idea. One benefit to removing a whole section would be to install water resistant rock to prevent the very problem you are correcting. I don't know why they don't install it in the first place.

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