Stucco wall


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Stucco wall

I'd like to hand a hose holder on our outside stucco wall. Any suggestions on how to drill holes into the stucco without it coming apart in chunks and pieces? Will it be secure enough to withstand the weight of the hose? Thanks for any help.....
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My relatively recently-purchased fixer-upper has a couple of coats of stucco on the exterior and I bought the place knowing that I'll have to restucco because what's there is in such bad shape; I've drilled holes into and completely through my wall using a masonry bit with no problems; I did however lose some very small chucks when I removed some screws that had been painted over, years ago...

Of course, my walls are stucco-covered cement block, but since stucco is a form of masonry, I don't see why you'd need anything different; Though, if there was wood under your stucco, you may be able to get by with a regular high speed , but a masonry will do it for sure.

Anyway, something is under your stucco and that's what should hold-up your hose holder and not the covering; But, you probably should also employ one of those five cent plastic anchors available from any hardware store to protect against the holder pulling away chunks, later.

My .02;

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