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Smile ceiling & wall texturing

Are there different ways of texuring after you use the hopper to apply it? Or do you just leave it the way it is after spraying?
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You can achieve different textures by regulating the spray out of the hopper, and there are other textured finishes you can achieve using different hand tools (trowels, sponges, etc) after the texture is applied. Like a brocade finish (imitates a fabric with a raised design) with a flat metal or wooden hand trowel. Or a spanish style or stucco finish using a paint graining combo or notched trowel. Or using sponges or textured roller sleeves in diffferent patterns while the mixture is still wet.

You can use this site as one reference.


Browse the home improvement section for drywall application and finishing in your local Barnes and Noble, Borders, or other book stores. I picked one up for about $15 and has alot of tips and info for hanging and finishing drywall.
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Thickness of your spray mud and your nozzle setting is what regulates your texture pattern.
You want your mud to be runny, about the consistency of pancake batter for spray, then adjust your nozzle on your hopper gun to get the right size of splatter. I normally go with about the third hole from the smallest, as that's about what most folks prefer.

Another tip, do your spray, then give your mud about 20 mins (at normal room temp & humidity) to stand before dragging your paddle across it. I use a 36" paint screen bought at a regular paint store for about $15-20, comes with a 3' handle , but I use the screw-on handle from a cheapo Dollar General broom to reach high lids, vaults and such.
It's important to keep the paddle flat on your surface to avoid a line caused by your paddle edge digging into your finish coat. Also might want to wear goggles & mask especially on the lids, very messy stuff.
Hope that helps you out, Post back if you have more ??'s Best of luck.

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