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Exclamation Moisture in wall

I have discovered mold growing on wallpaper in a spare bedroom, after removing wallpaper, and sheetrock (which the mold had gone all the way through, due to moisture in the walls). The studs and framing of the bottom four inches are rotting. It is an outside wall and the room is built on a cement floor (basically on the dirt) the cement is only 3-4 inches deep. Any suggestions on how to keep moisture from coming in, and on how to best repair the damaged wood in the walls?
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On the outside, get the water under control with gutters, grading, and drainage.

The rotten stuctural members will have to repaired. There may be another way, but I would take out the wall where the damage is and replace the studs, bottom plate and sheetrock.

It may be prudent to wait to see that the outside work has eliminated the moisture problem. The concrete may need to be sealed for final touch, but this is not a replacement for solving the original water problem.
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I agree if you've got this degree of water damage, you gotta figure out where the water is coming from to start with first & then all of the water damaged sheetrock for sure and any studs that are rotted should also be replaced. Keep in mind that all exterior walls are load bearing when doing structural repairs there.

It definitely sounds like you've got water standing outside that wall thats building up over the slab and then running in. If that's not the case , start looking at plumbing or leaking around a window or door, or possibly even a leaky roof. Water can do some strange things once it gets inside a structure.

I once did a floor repair in a mod home, the bad spot was about 10 ft from the patio door, where water was getting in at the header, running down the stud at the side of the door, then across a seam in the sub floor out nearly to the middle of the room & then accumulating.

Folks that lived there looked for the leak in the ceiling above the bad spot in the floor for a long time before they finally got frustrated enough to call in some help.

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