Make your own 'whiteboard'


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Make your own 'whiteboard'

I am looking to make some office whiteboards and would appreciate any tips and/or insights.

The markerboards do not need to be elaborate (e.g. an aluminum frame) but I want a low(er) cost, long-term functional tool for our office(s). In total, we are planning on 50' x 4' of surface area.

I am envisioning a wood frame and a tray of some variety to hold the dry-erase markers and erasers.

The real question(s):
a) What material should I use for the actual writing surface?
b) Should I treat it before writing on it to preserve its 'write-on/erase' ability?
c) Any tricks?

All help is greatly appreciated.
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Looking at my username, you know my reply..... is a page on my site that lists every manufacturer of whiteboard wallcovering.

If you need installation help or someone to hang it for you, let me know!
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Wallpaper I like a man dedicated to his work, but man that's some commute, Va to Wa. Things a little slow out there?

I stand corrected Wallpaper, Checked your profile & clicked over to your home site, (very nice, mine is still a work in progress) Anyway saw your listing of nationwide paperhangers, Canada too. So you could recommend someone in their area. Guess a fella's got to be a member of association to post weblink there on your listing?
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No association needed with our listings. Many of the paperhangers on our site are members of the NGPP, ASID, PDCA, or other decorating organization, but it isn't required and I can't keep up with who is in what, so I just list em all.

TwoThumbs, I hope you consider the wallpaper option and can find someone to hang it if you decide on that course of action. These types of wallcoverings are more tricky to install than normal ones so I would graviate towards the more high $$$ bids if you have more than one contractor look at your project. Best of luck and glad to help.

BTW, WA is out of my service area, but I seriously have had further away offers just based on my website professionalism. Websites do help!
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White Board Follow-up

Thanks for the response.

We were hoping to do the project ourselves. I understand that the most critical aspect of this project is the choice of the 'white-baord' material. We have seen some use a shower wallboard (melamine) as the writing surface. It's primary pitfall is longevity -- it needs to be cleaned w/ alcohol to preserve its appearance.

Any more insight for such a low-cost approach?

Thanks again!

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